(Organic Video Views on my Facebook-Page)

A video about How to speak any

Language reached millions of people worldwide.

It had 21 Million organic views on

my Facebook-Page and it's been uploaded on mostly every big entertainment site worldwide as well.

In a worldwide competition of entertainment videos (9GAG Competition) it made a 4th place.


This video is based on stereotypes

and cliches - to show that they are still there in 2017.

It's been uploaded on so many pages and gained (existimated) a view count of half a billion views in all networks.

Even this video seemed rude for some viewers - it's intention is to overcome cliches and: to begin to laugh about it.


This comedy clip went viral on many other sites. Its been uploaded by pages like 9GAG or LADBible, where it got many views on it's own.

The secret behind this clip is a
smart idea - not a big filmset.



(Organic Video Views on my Facebook-Page,

LADBible & 9GAG


(Organic Video Views on my Facebook-Page)

I had the Idea for this video before the big match "Germany vs Brazil ended in a historic final.

Realized with BAYERN 3 & a colleague - and
reached millions worldwide


(Organic Video Views on Youtube)

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